3 Reasons Why Ceramic Cookware is the Best

Ask anyone and they will tell you ceramic cookware is the best option you can find out there! Are you thinking of getting a new cooking wok, and want to invest in a good one? We have summarised the top 3 reasons, right below, why you should go for ceramic!

Ceramic Cookware

But before we dive into the reasons why it is the best, here’s a short background of it. It comes in 2 forms – 100% ceramic cookware and ceramic-coated cookware, where the latter is made with metal pots and/or pans like aluminium and coated with a ceramic finish.

Here are 3 reasons why ceramic cookware is the best cookware:

#1 Ceramic cookware has non-stick properties

This non-stick surface allows you to cook with less oil yet still gives you the best cooking experiences and results! On top of that, food slides off easily and cleanup is almost effortless!

#2 It is PTFE and PFOA-free making it safe for you and the environment

Toxic chemicals like PTFE and PFOA are not used in the manufacturing process of non-stick ceramic coating. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your food. The absence of such chemicals also means that factory workers and our environment are not exposed to any negative impacts.

#3 It conducts heat beautifully

Did you know ceramic cookware is an excellent conductor of heat? This means even at a low heat setting, the cookware heats up quickly and helps you save energy. Furthermore, it distributes heat evenly throughout the entire surface. Gone are the days where part of your food is burnt while the other areas are barely cooked.

Ceramic Cookware

Now you might be thinking, “So where can I get one for myself?”

Look no further! Consider getting our Korean ceramic cookware – Zenez. Zenez is made of aluminium and coated with a non-stick ceramic coating using plasma spray technology. Tailor-made for the best cooking experiences, Zenez offers you a range of cookware from cooking woks to cooking pots and frying pans. You can now purchase Zenez on our shop here with free delivery above $100! Alternatively, you can find us on Lazada or Shopee, and enjoy free delivery to your doorstep as well! 

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