8 Practical Housewarming Gifts for New Home Owners

Housewarming gifts are sweet and thoughtful gestures to congratulate family members or friends on completing another milestone in life. In case you’re running out of ideas, we have compiled together some practical housewarming gifts you can get for new home owners!

Here are 8 practical housewarming gifts that will definitely be of great use to new home owners!

1. Coffee Machine

Housewarming Gifts - Nespresso Coffee Machine


If that family member or friend is an avid coffee drinker and cannot get through the day without a cup, help him/her start their day right with a coffee machine! Whether they prefer an easy and convenient capsule coffee maker or a coffee grinder for their fresh coffee beans, there are many affordable ones you can get on Lazada!

2. Food Storage Containers

Housewarming Gifts - Food Storage Containers


Food storage containers not only help keep kitchens organised but are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Get them a set of see-through food storage containers so that they have a clear idea of the things they have and to stock up on. IKEA has a wide range of selection for you to choose from. Don’t worry if they already have a few themselves, these storage containers can be used to store leftovers as well!

3. Cookware Set

Housewarming Gifts - Zenez wok

More than often, new home owners have no idea what cooking wok or frying pan to get for themselves. Save them the trouble and surprise them with a ceramic cookware set! Ceramic cookware are well-known to be safe and healthy for cooking as they are free of PTFE and PFOA. Why not check out our Zenez non-stick ceramic-coated cookware that will definitely come in handy for them!

4. Coaster Set

Housewarming Gifts - Coaster Set

(west elm)

Coasters are one of the best housewarming gifts you can get for new home owners. These small yet pretty accessories go well with coffee tables and also protect the surface from any water stains. Besides, there are many designs available and you can even customise a set to fit the overall theme of vibe of their home!

5. Essential Oil Diffusers

Housewarming Gifts - Essential Oil Diffusers

(Kirona Scent)

Let new home owners enjoy a good rest after a long day at work by getting them an essential oil diffuser! Essential oil diffusers promote relaxation and help cleanse the surrounding air as well. The next time you visit them, you can be sure to enter a nice smelling apartment.

6. Cutting Boards

Housewarming Gifts - Sage Cutting Board

We all know the cutting board is an important kitchen tool. So if that family member of friend cooks often, why not consider getting them one that lasts for a lifetime! Sage cutting boards are made to last a lifetime and will far outlast your typical wood and plastic cutting boards. On top of that, all Sage cutting boards are provided with a lifetime warranty. Sounds like a good investment, right?

7. Steamboat + Grill Combo Set


Housewarming Gifts - Steamboat Grill Combo Set

(Harvey Norman)

This is hands down, the best housewarming gift if the new home owner loves having people over for simple get together sessions. What better way to catch-up and reminisce the old times than by having steamboat? Bring it up another level by getting one that comes with a grill as well!

8. Air Fryer

Housewarming Gifts - Air Fryer


Air fryers are fantastic housewarming gifts for those who love deep fried food yet at the same time want to cultivate healthier eating habits. With an added ease of cleaning up, an air fryer is definitely a practical gift for new home owners!

Do you have more ideas on practical housewarming gifts for new home owners? Share with us in the comments section down below!

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