V-Care, is the #1 household brand in Singapore. Our house brand understands the way of cleaning, this is why with our products, cleaning is made easy!


We believe that it isn’t about the product, its about you, the consumer. Its about saving your time, and the result is a family of household and cleaning products made to meet and exceed your expectations. 

No one likes cleaning but with our products, you can do it easier! This is why, we are the #1 household brand in Singapore


V-Care’s bathroom fittings come with 3 water settings function, and are filled with anion ceramic balls that help filter out impurities. What’s even better is it helps save up 50% of water!

V-Care - Bathroom Fittings


Our reliable, affordable and durable cleaning products are the reason why household chores are made easier! Introducing to you our top 2 customers’ favourites:

V-care pink mop head

Our signature product, and household favourite of many for the last 10 years! Designed in Japan, the V-Care pink mop head is made of strong water- absorbing sponge that dries your floors quickly and easily.

V-care multipurpose microfibre cloth

V-Care’s multipurpose microfibre cloth is extremely versatile, and works fantastically either dry or damp. What makes it different is that 2 microfibre cloths are sewn together, making 1 thick microfibre cloth that lasts longer than your current one!


Our innovative kitchenware is a must have in your kitchens. V-Care’s anti ant dish is one of a kind! It is well loved and highly recommended by many of our customers, and has been one of our top sellers every year!


Here are some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, contact us here!

No, we do not provide any warranty for our cleaning products.

V-Care cleaning products can be found permanently at OG Albert, OG Orchard Point and OG People’s Park. Drop us a message if you wish to find the nearest physical outlet with V-Care cleaning products!

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