The Best Frying Pan for the Perfect Pan-Fried Fish

There are many ways to approach the widely-loved seafood – fish. Be it steaming, baking, grilling, sous-vide or broiling, they are all wonderful cooking methods for the delicate fish fillet. However, there is one particular cooking method that is always giving a tad bit of trouble for some of us. Do you already know which method we’re referring to? Yes, that’s right we’re talking about pan-frying!

It might seem hard to master it but with the proper tips, you will get a perfect pan-fried fish!

Did you know fish is a really healthy food?

Pan-Fried Fish - Did you know fish is a really healthy food?

Fish, itself, is an extremely healthy food. It is high in protein, and many health professionals highly recommend incorporating fish into your meals at least once or twice a week.

Fish can be categorized into two categories – lean and fatty. Both types of fish are considered to be highly nutritious, especially fatty fish. (Yes, we see the irony there but trust us, fatty fish is really good for you!) Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, tenggiri batang and ikan tenggiri papan are filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D (HealthHub).

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are good fats that help to keep your body and brain functioning at its best, and has been shown to be associated with various health benefits such as decreased risks of heart disease.

Vitamin D

We all know that sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D but did you know that fatty fish are one of the very few food sources of Vitamin D? In fact, they contribute a significantly huge amount of Vitamin D into your diets (Healthline).

Difference between Deep-fried and Pan-fried Fish

While fish itself is a healthy food, the method of cooking can change the “healthiness” of your dish.

Deep-fried Fish

Pan-Fried Fish - Fish & Chips

Deep-fried fish requires a lot more oil than pan-fried fish. One example would be your typical fish and chips. The fish is usually coated with a flour mixture batter, and then submerged into a pot of hot oil.

Pan-fried Fish

Pan-Fried Fish

Pan-fried fish, on the other hand, requires significantly lesser oil while cooking. With pan-fried fish, you can either coat it with a thin layer of breaded crumbs or cook it just itself, typically in a frying pan or skillet. It is definitely a healthier option as compared to deep-frying.

What is the best frying pan for cooking the perfect pan-fried fish?

Pan-Fried Fish - Zenez 28cm Frying Pan

The best frying pan for the perfect pan-fried fish is definitely the Zenez 28cm frying pan!

Free of PTFE and PFOA

This frying pan is coated with a non-stick ceramic coating which makes it extremely safe for cooking. The ceramic-coating is PTFE and PFOA free therefore you do not have to worry about any food contamination.

Non-stick ceramic coating

Furthermore, the non-stick ceramic-coating ensures quick release of the food on it and you do not have to worry about it sticking to the bottom of your pan!

Even distribution of heat

The Zenez 28cm frying pan is constructed with a unique thermal spray technology that ensures quick and even distribution of heat throughout the entire pan. How often do you get annoyed by the fact that some part of your food is cooked while the rest is still undone? With this frying pan, you do not have to worry about having a part of your fish uncooked while the rest of it is already done. It also helps to save up to 30% of energy and reduces your cooking time!

Less smoke

If you cook often, you know how smoky it can get when you pan-fry fish. When it gets too wild, the smoke gets to your clothes that are hanging in the kitchen as well. The Zenez 28cm frying pan is perfect for pan-frying fish as it limits the amount of smoke emitted during cooking.

Is there a bigger-sized frying pan I can get from Zenez?

If you fancy a bigger-sized one, try our Zenez 32cm cooking wok! It’s the perfect and most common-sized cooking wok for a small family of 4. The only difference between this Zenez 32cm cooking wok and your conventional one is the depth of it. The Zenez 32cm cooking wok has a deeper depth than a similar sized cooking wok. Do you often get a lot of food spilling out of your wok while cooking? If yes, then the Zenez 32cm cooking wok is the answer to your problem! Not only can it hold more food in it, clean up is definitely much easier and quicker! If you are a big family, our Zenez 36cm cooking wok will fit you better!

7 Important Tips for the Perfect Pan-fried Fish

Pan-Fried Fish - #7 Important Tips

Now, let us share some of our favourite tips when it comes to pan-fried fish. Nothing is worse than a soggy or overcooked pan-fried fish so be sure to follow the tips below for the perfect pan-fried fish!

#1. Thaw your fish correctly

Do you know if you are thawing your fish the right way? Hands up if you thaw it in your refrigerator! The right way to thawing fish is putting it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before cooking. “That’s going to take up a lot of time!”

We saw that coming, and to be very honest, we are very much as impatient as you are when it comes to food. One way to thaw fish quickly is put it in a sealed zip-lock bag, and submerge it in a bowl of cold water. The most important part of this procedure is to make sure the fish does not come into contact with the water as it will become too moist and difficult to cook to perfection. You should never thaw it in room temperature or with hot water as it allows bacteria to grow.

#2. Make sure to pat the fish dry both sides and inside out

The most important tip to pan-fried fish is to get rid of the moisture, especially after thawing it! Have you been experiencing oil splatters? This happens when water or moisture from the fish comes into contact with the oil in the frying pan. Not only does water or moisture cause the oil to splatter, it also brings down the temperature of the oil.

#3. Make a few small cuts on the skin

Do you sometimes get a curled up pan-fried fish? Yeah, we get that a lot too until we figured out this small tip! The next time before you pan-fry it, make a few incisions on the skin of the fish, especially when its thin, to prevent it from curling.

#4. Season the fish just before you pan-fry it

The next important tip to the perfect pan-fried fish is the seasoning! Salt draws moisture out of the flesh, and this makes the fish soggy when you season it too early. This goes out to marinates with mostly salt as well! Do not marinate your fish too long else it will be soggy. Nobody wants a soggy pan-fried fish!

#5. Make sure the oil is hot enough

Another key point to make sure that the oil is hot enough before putting your fish on to the frying pan. If the temperature of the oil is not high enough, it will end up absorbing the oil, and become an oily slob of fish.

One way to check if your oil is hot enough is to dip the tip of your chopstick into the frying pan. If you see bubbles and sizzles around the tip of it, it means its hot enough and ready for cooking. Alternatively, if you are making breaded pan-fried fish, you can drop in a couple of breadcrumbs to see if it starts to sizzle. Once you see sizzling, you know its time to put in the fish.

#6. Do not crowd the pan

To get the perfect pan-fried fish, never ever crowd the pan with many fillets. Instead, limit yourself to at most two fillets in the frying pan at any one time. Overcrowding will only reduce the heat in the pan and make the browning process slower. This tip applies to all others dishes as well! Remember this tip and use it whenever you deep fry chicken, french fries or even just stir fry meat.

#7. Let the fish release itself from the pan

The one common mistake most of us commit is flipping the fish before its cooked on one side! Be patient, and let nature take its course. If you want to know if its ready to flip, give it a little nudge. If it does not budge, give it another 30-60 seconds. Remember, patience is key to a perfect pan-fried fish!

Follow these 7 tips and you can be sure of a perfect pan-fried fish! Let us know in the comments section below how you like to cook your fish as well as other tips for a perfect pan-fried fish!

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