Why You Should Start Using Microfibre Cloths!

Here is a fun fact about microfibre!

Microfibre Cloths - Did You Know?

Microfibre is also an extremely well-loved material when it comes to cleaning cloths hence the creation of microfibre cloths! As compared to cotton and nylon cloths, the cleaning abilities of microfibre cloths are extraordinary!

We have shared the power of microfibre cloths to many of our customers, and each one of them has become a convert themselves. Microfibre cloths are one of the most indispensable cleaning tool in our homes and if you are not using one yourself, we guarantee, you will by the end of this post!

What are microfibre cloths made of?

As the name suggests, microfibre cloths are made of very small fibres that can be as small as 1/20 the diameter of a single strand of silk!

“Oftentimes they’re made of a blend of polyester and polyamide or nylon. In short, this means the cloths are made of plastic. The polyester and polyamide are combined in such a way that the fibers are split. In addition to creating more fiber surfaces with which to clean, this makes the cloths very porous. When you use microfiber cloths for cleaning, you benefit from both of these factors.” – Merry Maids

How do microfibre cloths work?

Because of the many fibre surfaces created, microfibre cloths are able to lift and trap microscopic dirt particles as well as moisture. They are unlike many other natural and synthetic fibres that smear and push dirt and dust particles around the surface.

In scientific terms, the fibres contain positive-charged polyester fibres and negative-charged nylon fibres that pull and attract dust and dirt particles on the surface.

Microfibre Cloths vs Cotton Cloths

Microfibre Cloths vs Cotton Cloths

One of the main reason why we love microfibre cloths over cotton cloths is the fact that it actually cleans up the dirt and dust on surfaces. Sure, cotton cloths have their benefits because they are soft and gentle, and are generally inexpensive but they do not function as well as microfibre cloths.

Why you should start using microfibre cloths?

Just a heads up, this is where you will begin your journey as a microfibre cloth convert. You are welcome!

They Are Very Absorbent

Microfibre cloths are incredibly absorbent and can easily absorb over 6 times their weight in water! Water is not the only thing it can carry. When using it dry, they can pick up dirt, dust, grease and bacteria. Whether you are using microfibre cloths damp or dry, they are the perfect material for cleaning in your homes.

However, not all microfibre cloths are created equal. Some may lose its cleaning abilities and absorbency over a few months. We love using the V-Care multipurpose microfibre cloth because its extremely durable and affordable! For $10, you get 5 pieces of microfibre cloths. Technically, you get 10 pieces of microfibre cloths. What is so special about this set of microfibre cloths is that two pieces are sewn together making 1 thick microfibre cloth that lasts longer than conventional ones. What a steal!

They Help You Save Some Money

Another reason why you should start using microfibre cloths is because they save you quite a fair bit of money on cleaning products! Just like what we mentioned earlier, you can use microfibre cloths damp or dry.

In fact, you can even make do with just a microfibre cloth. Many of our customers have shared with us how much they love using microfibre cloths without any other cleaning products. (This is a small tip to make your microfibre cloths last longer which we will share more about later in our post). Be it wiping off tabletops, cleaning windows or shining stainless steel appliances, the results are fantastic, and they never went back to the conventional cotton or polyester cloths.

Do not worry if you prefer using them with cleaning products! You can definitely save up quite a bit of money too. Because microfibre cloths are so absorbent, the same amount of cleaning product allows you to clean a larger area as compared to cotton and polyester cloths.


Unlike your mops and brooms, microfibre cloths can be used in a variety of cleaning tasks. Often, people use them to wipe and dust countertops but there are just so much more you can make do with microfibre cloths. We will share more in the next section!

The Uses of Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths can be used in a variety of ways. Here, we share some of our favourite ways to use microfibre cloths!


Using Microfibre Cloths for Dusting

When it comes to dusting, microfibre cloths are no doubt the best option! As mentioned earlier, they have very small fibres that can trap dust and dirt particles unlike cotton cloths, leaving behind nothing but a clean and smooth surface. You can use it dry to clean any surfaces. For a thick layer of dust, you may want to use a damp microfibre cloth to help cut through it. Try using a microfibre cloth and you will get what we mean!

Cleaning of Stainless Steel Appliances

Using Microfibre Cloths to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

If you have a stainless steel fridge or appliances at home, you will understand the pain of seeing fingerprints all over the surface. Here is where microfibre cloths come in handy. Follow the 2 simple steps below and you can make your fridge look great.

1. Use a damp cloth to clean up any smears or fingerprints. If you have dedicated cleaning products for stainless steel appliances, you can also use it to wipe down the areas needed.

2. Then, use a dry microfibre cloth to buffer the surface to get a shiny and smooth finish!

Cleaning of Windows and Mirrors

Using Microfibre Cloths to Clean Windows and Mirrors

Similar to cleaning stainless steel appliances, microfibre cloths are perfect at  removing watermarks, and buffing your glass windows and mirrors. The 2 very simple steps below will get you your streak-free windows and mirrors!

1. Wet a corner of your microfibre cloth to wipe off any smudges.

2. Using the same microfibre cloth, use the dry section of it to buff the glass surface.

Cleaning Cars

Using Microfibre Cloths to Clean Cars

One of our favourite uses of microfibre cloths is to buffer cars. A squeaky clean and shiny car is one that will garner the “ooooos” and “ahhhhhs”. Make your neighbours or passers-by jealous by buffering your cars!

These are just some uses of microfibre cloths. There are many more ways you can use them!

How long do they last?

Microfibre cloths will work effectively and last up to 2 years if you show them some TLC. We share some useful tips on cleaning and caring for microfibre cloths in the next section.

How to clean and care for microfibre cloths?

Here are some helpful tips for you to follow so that your microfibre cloths will continue working effectively the next 2 years.

#1. Rinse After Use

The first thing you should do after using microfibre cloths is to rinse it to get all the dirt and gunk out. This will keep them from clogging up the fibres within the cloth.

#2. Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softeners

Unlike your daily clothings, bleach and fabric softeners do not work well with microfibre cloths. They will only clog up the fibres and reduce its absorbency and overall cleaning abilities.

#3. Never Put Them in the Dryer

Another important tip to take note is to never put them in the dryer! This is a very common mistake many people make. We get that it dries them faster but the heat in the dryer will melt the fibres within the microfibre cloths. We recommend to air-dry them instead of using the dryer. Trust us, this is one of the most important tip to prolong the life of your microfibre cloths!

#4. Do Not Wash Them with Your Laundry

Not exactly a tip on caring for your microfibre cloths but you should make sure to not wash them with other laundry items. Because microfibre cloths are so good at picking up dust and dirt, putting them together with other laundry items would have your clothings come out of the wash stuck onto the little pieces of lint.

The Bottom Line

Microfibre cloths are fantastic cleaning tools that you should have in your homes! The fact that they are so absorbent, money-saving and versatile are the very reasons you should get a set for yourself. Make your daily cleaning chores much easier with microfibre cloths! We hope by the end of this post, you have already became a microfibre cloth convert like us!

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