Zenez – The New Game Changer for Ceramic Cookware

Zenez is the new game changer for all ceramic cookware. On top of the standard non-stick property a ceramic cookware should possess, Zenez offers you additional benefits you won’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Made in Korea, this ceramic cookware series will surprise you with its unique features and benefits!

Wait a second, are you thinking, “What exactly is ceramic cookware? Why is everybody talking about it?”

We have a separate article on what exactly is ceramic cookware and the reasons why ceramic cookware is the best! Check it out to help you better understand why everyone is switching over to this user-friendly cookware.

So why is Zenez the new game changer? Read on to find out!

#1 Zenez has a Depth Deeper than Conventional Cookware


How often do you get spillage from your cookings? For us, whenever we’re cooking up a feast, we’d definitely have a lot to clean up because of the mess we made. After using Zenez, oh boy, there were almost no spillage! This ceramic cookware has a deeper depth as compared to conventional cooking woks and is tailor-made to prevent spillage during cooking. This way, cleanup is made easier especially for those who hate cleaning up after cooking.

#2 Use of Steel Utensils

“Hey, you can’t use steel utensils on your ceramic cookware! You’ll scratch the surface!”

We totally understand steel utensils bring out the best cooking experiences, this is why Zenez is specially designed to resist scratches from the use of such kitchen tools. You don’t have to worry about damaging the ceramic surface, in fact, we encourage you to use steel utensils to fully enjoy the whole cooking process.

#3 Zenez Can Be Washed Immediately After Cooking


What’s so special about Zenez is that you can wash it under cold running water immediately after cooking! Don’t you hate that period of time where you have to wait for your frying pan or cooking wok cool down so that you can wash them and prepare for the next dish? Well, with this Korean cookware, you can finish cooking way faster than before!

“I love whatever Zenez offers! Where can I purchase it?”

If you like what Zenez offers, we are happy to let you know its available on our shop for purchase! Alternatively, you can find Zenez on Lazada and Shopee too! Zenez is made of aluminium and coated with a non-stick ceramic coating using plasma spray technology. Tailor-made for the best cooking experiences, Zenez offers you a range of cookware from cooking woks to cooking pots and frying pans. Enjoy free delivery on us when you check out your cart with $30 and above!

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I have bought one of your Zenez frying pan and I absolutely love it!!
    I have been using it for almost 2yrs and it starts to stick I have always used oil whatever i cook. Please advice.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your support! Do try to scrub the frying pan to ensure all burnt/food stains are removed. If it still doesn’t work, you can bring the frying pan down to our office and we will have someone to assist you.

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